Anyone looking for a park in nc?

Hi, I know of this park in nc . If anyone is interested post a response.

I am looking for parks in NC. I own a park in Burlington now. Please provide information or call Rick @ 336 402 7572

I will email you.

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Yes, I am looking for parks in NC. We own a couple in Asheville. Please post or send the details if you don’t mind.


Please call or email me with details.


please e-mail me with the details.

A friend of mine told me about a local Mobile Home Park being auctioned of at a tax sale. Located on or off of 22nd st in Kannapolis,NC. Call the county for further details.Here is a # I was given…Clerk of Court’s office 704-786-4137. I looked it up on area satellite image and pretty sure I found the right one and it has to be atleast 20 spaces with homes and maybe a house. I believe it is Stricklind or Strickland court. Feb. 23, 2007 11am at the courthouse. Let me know how things go. Good Luck. Also let me know if you want the image…

Hey, anyone buy it?