Anyone interested?

near OKC
40 lots 33 occupied. Lot rent $220-250. All individually metered.
asking $495,000
no owner finance. Earnest money non refundable. This one I’d sell the assignment.

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How many days left on contract?

I Don’t have a contract. I don’t have the funds to “tie up” the property. I’m going out on a limb for the finders fee

Can you email me about this property?

I’d like the information too please.

Please email me details

I’d like more information, thanks!

I’m also interested and could close quickly, please email me more details at


Please do not take this the wrong way–there is a lot of money and a great deal of interest (too much maybe) pushing cape rates to the lowest level I have ever witnessed. Remember as pointed out before ever business has highs and lows–buying when caps are low can be a very challenging situation when we see the market turn and there are VERY FEW buyers.

interested please send details to my investment company at

Please send over more details if still available.

Interested- please send details to

I would like to receive the information on property. Funds available to close
Thank you

I am interested in receiving any info you may provide.