Anyone interested in Florida deals?

Working on a few deals in Florida. If you have an interest in Florida send me a PM with your email and contact info.

Hi im n fl i am intrested thanks

Call 918-314-8159 Have cash and do onsite DD in one day. Have lived and worked in Florida and have owner-operated over 12 parks. Have family at Palm Harbor. Most parks in Florida are wells and septic and have operated both or just needing help over 30 years experience available!!

I am interested in Florida parks. Please call me at 732-312-8047 Dave

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I’m interested: Amy 971-333-1173

Hi Dave I havexa smallet deal deal under contract.
The income is good. Price for 13 units is 470k.
The income is 8400 gross per month. Im looking for someone to come in for 30% and scale up from there.
Tom Morrison
801 688 5266

Jason-- our family will in Fl. next week and a call back would be appreciated–we posted 2 days before and and have received no information. 918-314-8159. From other people looking at deals posted the complaint is no call back—it would be very civil for people posting to at least give a call back or say it is under contract on this site. Please communicate or maybe do not post if you do not have time to answer people leaving there phone numbers.

Apologize Carl. I couldn’t find your PM (private message) in my inbox. That is how I asked to be contacted in the post so I could try not to miss a reply to someone. If you haven’t contacted me by PM please do so that I may keep track of who I have/haven’t communicated with.

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Very interested. Chuck


Not sure how to PM someone. CHuck

After much time and effort connected with Jason–as the case with some other people who say they have deals available on this website–really doesn’t have any parks available!!! Jason could have easily said he did not have any properties available presently and the PM would not be necessary!!! Some other people list and describe their parks they have available and then buyers can decide IF they want more information–thank you for giving DETAILS!!! When other like myself have given out our phone numbers (918-314-8159) giving us a short message would really be nice!!! The major problem is too much money and PEOPLE chasing a market that is bloated and time will fix that problem. Kevin from Capstone (an excellent realtor) has wrote an article and is saying we are close to top of cap rates and the big investors are looking to built NEW PARKS since it is presently cheaper in some areas than buying an over inflated has-been property. For example over the past 15 years there have been ONE (1) new MH park built in Florida!!! Yes, there has been many NEW RV parks during that same time built in Texas and Florida! Wonder why???

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Hi my name is Tom Morrison I’m interested my email is tjm 9988@gmail my phone 801-688-5266 right now I have a small Park under contract 490 K and I’m looking for 145k to finish the deal

add me to ur list

Yes pls…

I am Tom Morrison

Good Afternoon

We own about 20 parks mostly in Florida. Would love to connect.
Email is


Please keep us in the loop.

Hi Im interested in getting parks in Fl. I would love to talk to U.
Tom Morrison
801 688 5266