Anyone have an extra copy of lease for nj?

Hi, I am looking for a lot lease that will work in NJ. If anyone has a copy they can send to me. Thanks I appreciate it!!!

I could send you a Texas lot lease and you can always adapt the language for New Jersey. Just let me know.


Your best bet Dom is to stop by larger, area parks (preferrably corporate owned type parks) that have had attorneys draw up their lot leases and/or have had their attorneys defend the lease in court.

There are so many minor differences from state to state and even county to county that a tried and proven lease is worth its weight in gold.

Each tenant in the local parks should have a copy of the lease if for some reason the park doesn’t want to just hand you one. I suspect that you won’t have much trouble finding one and if you then decide to, adapt it from there.

Tony Colella

Thank you so much everyone!!!