Anyone have a MH Dealer lic in MN?

Anyone have a MN MFH dealer lic?

Yes, do you have a question about licensing?

Yes. There is a two year period to operate under another dealer to get the lic. Any way around this? When I read the law it looks like there is an exemption for new home dealers if they own a park and only sell the homes in their park but the state is telling us that the only way is to be sponsored by a manufacturer. Any insight from another dealer is helpful.

As you are experiencing, obtaining the license from the state was challenging at times, and they are very thorough in their review of the application. I was able to get the license as you described. I can only sell homes in the park specified in the application/license. There were many hurdles along the way, but getting “sponsored” by a manufacturer was not a big one for me. I worked with the Clayton Homes facility in Redwood Falls, MN (aka, Schult Homes). I met with them, told them I wanted to buy new homes, liked the price and they were able to issue a purchasing agreement in pretty short order. They have been a good group to work with. My challenge now is finding licensed installers in the area, next license to obtain I guess… Good luck.

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Absolutely love Cynthia! :wink:

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Thank you MickG! So did you need to be “sponsored” by Clayton or is that just who you are purchasing through? Sounds like you were able to get the lic based on the exemption that you are only selling new homes in your community.

We are buying from Clayton in other markets and yes they are a good company to work with.

Ps. If I find a good installer I will let you know.

I did not need any “sponsor” to get the licensed issued, just the agreement that says I am authorized to sell homes at my location.

You’ll need them to give you a “franchise agreement”

GREAT! Thanks a lot!

Did you by any chance?

We found one but the homes we ordered don’t arrive until Feb :roll_eyes: so we don’t know how good they will be yet. Will soon find out.