Anyone going to Charleston Boot Camp?

First Boot Camp. Curious of what to expect.

@JasonS I will be there helping run the event and look forward to meeting you! Come in with an open mind, ready to take notes and network. One of the best things to do is find other park owners attendee’s at the class and take some time to talk and learn from them as well!

Feel free to contact me with any questions on it!


I went to the boot camp in January, Orlando. It was excellent, very informative and meeting Frank/Brandon was a pleasure. The networking alone made the event worth it.

I also attended the boot camp in Orlando. It was well worth my time and money. You will learn that there is more than one business model within mobile home park investing. Also, the attendees are happy to share information so seek them out.

Very excited. Should be fun!

Hey there Jason, I’ll be attending the bootcamp in Charleston. I look forward to meeting you and networking with others :smile:

For those that have attended the bootcamp, what do you suggest we bring? Just a notepad to take notes? Should we bring the supporting material sent to us, such as the Home Study Course? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Really looking forward to the bootcamp and hopefully landing my first MHP deal…

I did get an email from MHU with the answers to this. If you didn’t get it let me know and I’ll forward it to you.

@JasonS & @gsi16386 , welcome to the Charleston Mobile Home Park Boot Camp!

Our family lives in the Charleston area and owns/manages 2 Mobile Home Parks.

My Husband, Gregg, and I are planning to attend the Charleston MHP Boot Camp. Please say ‘Hi’ :-).

The temp in the Charleston area should be in the low 80s with sun and some isolated rain.

The weather should be beautiful, but just be aware that the “no-see-ums” ( sand gnats, biting midges) are out and about waiting for you :-).

The Charleston Boot Camp is being held in a beautiful section of Downtown Charleston.

Downtown Charleston is a wonderful place to explore with some fantastic restaurants.

If after class you are going to explore Downtown Charleston, bring a pair of walking shoes / comfy shoes as there are some cobblestone streets that might be harder to navigate with dress shoes.

If you are bringing someone who will be chillin’ while you are learnin’, there are some beautiful beaches on Sullivan’s Island, Isle Of Palms and Folly Beach. Sullivan’s Island (more residential) is the closest to get to from Downtown Charleston. Isle Of Palms (second closest) has a County Park with parking.

Now on to the The Mobile Home Park Boot Camp…it is awesome!

@brandon_reynolds and his sweet wife, Kirsten, run the MHP Boot Camp and do a fantastic job!

@frankrolfe is the awesome Presenter!

Frank does a wonderful job of conveying lots of valuable information in an engaging and interesting manner!

One of my previous jobs was working in the Computer Software Industry as an Instructor for Computer Software. Thus, I have done presentations and have listened to lots of presentation.

Frank’s instruction is top notch with loads of information to help a New Mobile Home Park Owners avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

In the past the schedule was:
Friday: Instruction
Saturday: Instruction & Mobile Home Park Tours
Sunday: Instruction

The Mobile Home Park Tours are a “mini field trip” in the middle of wonderful information. Air conditioned (very important), comfy buses take the class to several Mobile Home Parks.

While you travel to the Mobile Home Parks, you are able to listen to Frank’s wisdom from the audio speakers. Frank speaks about infrastructure, utilities and lots of other valuable information.

Once at a Mobile Home Park you are able to get out and walk around as Frank continues sharing his knowledge.

The Mobile Home Park Boot Camp is a very valuable resource.

We wish each of you the very best!


Hey there Kristin,

Thank you for the well thought out and nice response :slight_smile: I used to go to Charleston as a kid for soccer tournaments and we used to play at the Citadel on their fields. I’ve always loved Charleston and am looking forward to going back for a visit.

I’ve listened to all the podcasts that I can find that Frank has created and just love the fact that he is just a wealth of knowledge and throws out one information nugget after another. He wastes no time, gets right to the point, and tells you what you need to know. That’s why I was confident that the next step in my education process was to come to the bootcamp and fill in all the missing gaps that I couldn’t fulfill at home. I one day would like to achieve the success that you did in owning a few mobile homes and am looking forward to arming myself with the knowledge in order to do so.

I’ll be sure to say hello and introduce myself when I spot you and Gregg at the bootcamp. Thanks again for the amazing response!


Thanks Kristin! We’ll see you there!

Thanks Brandon! See you there!

@gsi16386 & @JasonS

Jarrod & Jason , we look forward to meeting you in person! :slight_smile:

Hi, I was at the Bootcamp. 2nd time! 1st was down in Austin.

I absorbed more this time around. Met other MHP Investors near me (I live near Winston Salem NC).

Excited to continue networking and collaborating with investors interested in / involved with properties in the Carolinas.

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Bootcamp was fantastic. Got to have lunch with Frank and Brandon one day…definitely a highlight! Anyone that is on the fence about going I strongly encourage you to go!

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