Anyone else?

“Secrets you can use from a Mobile Home National Expert! . . . NOI up to 300% virtually overnight,” etc., etc. . . Thus reads an unsolicited email.

I wonder how the sender would know that we have M.H.s and from whom he got my address!?

Does anyone else have this garbage on his/her email?

It reminds me of the snake-oil health pamphlets we receive by regular mail, promising to reveal the 2000 year-old healing secrets of some aboriginal tribe whose life expectancy is probably 35 years.

The little I know about the M.H. industry I learned from reading recommended authors, from the boot camps, the special conventions, from all of you who post on MHU and CRE, and especially from the conversations with individuals who are on the firing line and performing their business successfully-- their generosity and readiness to advise is unsurpassed.

I would be happy if I could increase my NOI by only 25% in 365 overnights. But then, the National Expert probably had good reason to neglect to identify himself; he must be just too humble. It couldn’t be a Warren Buffett? Naaah!


I just got a second email, and this time the sender identifies himself. He is Michael Powers, who did a presentation at MHM a few years ago. I doubt he got the email address from this website, though, unless he tried to reply to each person individually first!

I think that Daphne Lowe and Michael Krever purchased his program - you might want to ask them what they think.

I do also need to get back to you on another matter. I apologize for not responding promptly, but we have been in the middle of another park venture and a move to another state due to that. Need I say that life has been extremely hectic over the last few weeks or so?

I’ve received three e-mails so far from this outfit. I get so much junk mail that I never appreciate getting unsolicited mail…no matter how good the info is.

I never allow clients to do blast-email marketing without having what is known as “permissioned” lists. These are people who have specifically chosen to allow you to email them.

More for the junk mail filter…sigh!

I got a couple e mail solicitations from him also.

I have received several.

-Nicole Evans

Perhaps the commonality to those who recieved this email solicitation is a moblie home industry event.

I too have recieved them, I have only attended a couple of events, & the last 2 MOM 's are the only events that had my email on a list that was distributed to attendees. The MOM in Alabama had a big list.

It is a shame that we have people taking advantage of other folks’ trust.


I received several messages from him, so I changed the font on my email to 36 and sent a reply to his message and told him to stop sending me spam, then I sent it 10 times. He got the hint and took me off his list.

All I did was sign up with the local mobile home registry here in Oregon, and started getting spam right away, so they sold my info, or have an agreement with that guy