Any suggestions on dealing with these teens?

There are a couple of local teens who are the nephews of the former owner. They don’t live in the park. They come in the park like they own it - visiting friends, loud, peeling out etc. Last week the new 6’ park sign was knocked down by an unseen vehicle. They were heard bragging about it but of course the teen who heard them doesn’t want to get involved.

Any suggestions on dealing with these kids?

you shouldn’t have to take this type of behavior.

I would ban them from entering the Park by legal means. They have violated the park rules and their behavior is a safety issue.

I have heard true horror stories where after the sale the old owners make trouble or worse, continue to try and manage the Park. In one case ,the old owner owned a slug of homes and continued to rent them out to very unqualified people, The Sales Contract the new owner signed gave him this right. He ended up buying 14 homes at a premium price to get him out of the Park.

In another scenario, the old Owner actually kept office keys and removed important deeds and contracts and had contact with tenants almost daily. Caused a lot of strife with the new owners.

I have always felt a clean break is best in a Park purchase. It is hard to (re) train your tenants when a vestige of the old guard is there daily. In my own experience I got real tired of hearing my new tenants say," That is not the way we have always done things here".

These nephews will probably escalate this bad behavior…nip it in the bud!

My two cents,