Any Lonnie Dealers in California?


I am hoping to do Lonnie Deals in California before I buy a park. I am in Orange County, California. Do you have any advice on what you typically pay for a home? What price range of homes sells well? Any advice on working with park owners? Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,

I am in the Sacramento area in the beginning steps of doing the same thing. I think the best advise I can give is the best advise I have received which is to read “Deals on Wheels”. It answers all of those questions and more. It also gives a lot of great ideas and examples.

I am curious what you are doing in regards to the Dealer requirement for Ca. as it is one of the hardest for a new person to compy with as I have seen.

Personally I plan on doing a couple in my name until I get a call from someone telling me to stop and informing me of the requirements, but at the same time I see that as a certain future which I am trying to plan for because I believe there is a lot of potential for Lonnie deals all over our state.