Any lenders out there who do refinance with cash out financing?

I am looking to do a refinance on my park where I can cash out on some equity to do upgrades and purchase homes? Are there any lenders anyone can recommend?

Hello! We can definitely try and help you out with a refinance and cash out.

Give me a call tomorrow at 1-800-309-5008 and visit Community Lending Loan Program | Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

Kurt Wilkerson
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Inc.

Doug Solether with He is the most helpful, patient and organized broker. I did refi with cash-out in 60 days (4.25%, 30 year fixed). He works with hunt mortgage. Tried those recommended by the guys here am MHU and was turned down but not by this guy. Great guy.

I will contact you tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response.

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Thanks for the quick response and referral. I will contact them tomorrow.

We would be happy to help as long as your loan amount is over $1MM with max 75% LTV. Your POH cannot be over 30% without detailed plan to reduce the percentage. Loans are non-recourse with standard bad boy carve-outs. Occupancy should be over 85%. If your loan falls within those basic guidelines please give me a call at 801-599-1878.

Thanks for quick response. I will keep your contact information for any larger future projects!