Any Kansas operators? Storm shelter question

Anyone familiar with KS regulation around storm shelters? Looking at a 60s/70s era park with an old storm shelter that I’m not sure would meet code. Is a park this age required to have one? If I lock the existing one due to dangerous conditions will it become a liability?

I own a 32 lot park in Maize. It was built in 1968. In Sedgwick County (Wichita and surrounding area), any mobile home park with 5 or more homes is required to have a storm shelter. We just have the ones built into ground. Not ADA compliant. They were installed by the previos owner in late 90’s. I don’t think Kansas has a law, but not 100% sure. You’re better off tearing it out, versus locking it. Because tenants will still try to go and use it during a storm, and it’ll be locked (even if you notify them).

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