Any ideas on controlling out of park use of dumpsters?

We have park comuunity dumpsters, fenced on 3 sides. Main problem is that people stop off highway to dump trash, furniture, etc. Thus causing overflow and blowing trash.

Move them away from the front of the community. Put them in a location where they can not be seen from the highway in a location where outsiders would need to drive through the community to dump.

You could also pass through the cost of the dumpsters to the residents. This would encourage them to police the illegal use.

Thanky you. Definately will have to consider.

A definate thought. Will check into this more.

Don’t move the dumpsters – the whole point is to have them at the front of the park to preserve your roads. Here’s what to do:

  1. Send a letter to all residents offering a $500 reward to anyone who turns in an illegal dumper that is then successfully prosecuted (need a license plate number not just “hey I saw a guy throw stuff in the dumpster”. Word will get around the park that there is such a reward and those inside the park (who are probably doing it anyway) will be too scared to continue.

  2. Install a very visible security camera on a telephone pole near the dumpster, with huge signs that say “video surveillance in use” to scare them off. Not important that the camera actually be installed, but needs to have a visual clue that it looks installed (these cameras cost around $50 and have a red light that is always on via a battery).

  3. If all that fails, install a real camera with recorder and when the manager says they’ve been there again and there’s trash going over the top, watch the video and see what’s really going on. Make sure that you have the camera oriented so that that you can see the license plates as well as what they’re doing.

Mobile home parks are full of witnesses and illegal dumpers are running scared of being caught, so when you combine these factors, they will typically find a more attractive – and secluded – dumpster to hit somewhere else.



Thank you for the specific advice. I called our manager and imediately offering a reward for prosecution of offenders. I look forward to the results.