Any funny tenant stories?

I remember someone from one of the meetings had written a book about all of the funny stories and experiences they had had with their Lonnie deal buyers or tenants.

I get a few every once in a while, and thought I’d try to change things up a little and ask you to tell us your wacky tenant stories.

I have a buyer (Mary) who called me this evening. She has been in her home for over a year now, and called up to let me know that she will be suing us because the floor in her kitchen is weak and broken specifically in front of her oven and her refrigerator.

She is in a 2001 Fairmont Happy Home. When we bought this home, we replaced all of the flooring throughout the home. Every square inch of that home has new 5/8 thick OSB subflooring.

I went through the regular old “You own the home, you need to fix it, I am not a landlord” and she says she is going to sue anyway. (I have personally never met this woman, one of my guys actually sold this home to her. )

I called the park manager to make sure this woman is current on her lot rent and ask if they have had any problems with her or her husband. Manager says “No, they are stellar tenants and have been on time every month like clockwork, and have caused no problems within the park.”

We get to talking about other things(This manager LOVES to talk.) and slowly we get around to the subject of exercise, and weight loss. Then she tells me about the woman who is trying to sue me for the weak flooring in her home. I admit to the manager that I have never actually met the woman, and so she tells me about her.

Mary, my buyer, weighs 545 pounds and gets around on a large electric wheelchair. Her husband is also over 500 pounds and also has a large electric wheelchair, and they have a ten yr. old daughter who weighs 225 pounds.

As sad as this situation is, I will leave you to make assumptions on why the floooring is weak and why it is weak in only certain places…