Another water meter question

I have a small park in WI and used Guardian for meters maybe 3 years ago. I am having a lot of problems with the meters (remote rf). In fact I would change them all for a more robust system. Guardian support for the meters is non existent.

Ideally I would like a reliable remote read system with a company that can bill and collect.

Is this just how things work and I am chasing something that doesn’t exist? Or is there a solid company out there that can install/service and bill?

We can help you , We can provide a much more robust RF system compatible to most existing meters.
Send me a picture of the meters in place.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

There is a good video on this page: Wireless Sub-metering Systems

I recommend this system from Next Century. pre-programs everything for you so the install is very easy. And they have just partnered with a billing company that will either just do the billing, or will also collect what’s owed. I believe it is called 5 Star LLC.

One thing that was important to me is that I have a few different line sizes and location/orientation, so I was able to select the best meter for each unit, and have them all work together with the system. You can get a price on the whole system here: Mobile Home Park Wireless Water Metering System

Note: I really like the Neptune T-10 ProCoder - where it actually reads the meter… not just pulses, plus it is positive displacement, so you can install it vertically.

I use Bruce with Mid America Meters in Hamel MN for all my meter needs. His company is reasonable and solve all you’re issues. I have purchased over 1000 water meters from Bruce over the past 15 years. I would not recommend anyone else.