Annual license renewal


I am interested in purchasing a park in Wisconsin. The owner said that he needs to meet with the city to get the license renewed every year. Sounds like more of a formality than anything else but they could in theory decline to renew. Has anyone else run across this, how concerned would you be in purchasing the park?



Seems odd. We usually fill out the renewal form online or on paper, pay the fee, and click the submit button or mail an envelope. There is no human interaction whatsoever.

I don’t think you told us enough about your situation to be knowledgeable. I have bought parks from owners who said they need to drive down to the city each month to pay the sewer bill. Yes, you can do that, but it is not necessary. I recommend you discuss the renewal process with the city and ask them for their requirements then you can judge the problem.

Thank you for the reply! Yes that is what I intend to do. Not only understand the process better but more about the rights i would have and the circumstances in which the would not renew and what recourse i would have. Still gathering data.