Ancient home disposal?

Where do old mobile homes go to die? I have seen a few references to disposal, and I’ve seen a few rotting in woods or pasture, but are there any official sites that take them for recycling or even parting out like junkyard cars? I’m currently investigating a 10-pad, 1-acre park within city limits that’s all really old park-owned single-wides. Some tenants are elderly, and when they go, the MH may be past rehabbing. The park’s in Illinois, and the numbers look OK (pre-due diligence), especially with a 2/1 house on the property. I’ve managed & rehabbed rental property for several years, but never had to dispose of anything that wouldn’t fit in a dumpster. If I do this, I will be an owner-manager living on site, and would like to upgrade with MH’s at least post-1976. Right now the place looks like a MH nursing home.

Hi, Try calling a few mobile home transport companys. You can find several for your area on I am not from your area but I had one junked and the shipper took it to the local dump. You can also try listing it for free to be moved from park. This will save you the cost to have the unit(s) removed.

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I agree with the advice to check with movers but for a different reason. Am closing soon on a place in Ohio. One of the residents will be evicted and the home is too junked for anything to be done with it. A local mover has someone who will take the place apart for its metal content and charge me a minimal fee to dispose of everything else.

Commodity prices are high at the moment and scrap metal is valuable. There might be people in your area who are willing to do this.