American Greed

As some of you may know, (former) attorney and close friend to Lonnie Scruggs turned out to be a crook on a multi-million dollar scale who took Lonnie for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It took years and finally Lonnie and others were able to get the attention of the FBI and attorney general. Just recently Titus was tried and convicted of his ponzi scheme fraud. Titus received 30 years in prison.

The cable TV show “American Greed” is doing a special on this scammer and has interviewed Lonnie and others. The show is to be premieres January 26th 10p | 1a ET.

You can see a brief online preview in which Lonnie makes an appearance via this link.

With Lonnie’s permission I have posted this so that others can understand that there are great people as well truly bad characters in this niche and just because they are attorney’s of great reputation does not mean they won’t steal from you. I don’t wish to scare anyone but rather I want everyone to be sure they always do their due diligence.

Tony Colella