Am i having crazy thoughts

a true trailer park for sale …. the park has 30 old trailers, public utilities, and sits in the middle of a small town not far from my home. the homes appear to be older smaller trailers from the 70s. There is one main gravel u shared road lined with trailers.

at present, this is a true rental park, and not sure it would ever be anything else. does it make sense to run a park strictly as a rental park? Being close by I would be able to keep an eye on the park, ensure timely rental payments, and quickly keep trailers rented if need be.

You asked one of the most dividing questions there is POH vs TOH. I think it’s whatever you are comfortable with. I have one park that is 100% TOH and one park that is mixed. I will say that if you ever get ready to sell the park it would be easier to sell if they are all TOH .

People make it work. It helps that you’re near by. The rental model doesn’t really scale well which is why folks that want to grow very large tend to stay away from it. There are a few players who strictly run this model and own a relatively large amount of properties. But these are the exceptions and not the norm.