Alternative Septic Systems Drain Fields

I was at the York Pa. Home builders show a couple of years ago and saw a vendor that had a septic treatment system that could be utilized in a MHC environment. The system was expensive but it would allow for expansion. The water when existing the system was crystal clear and could be run into a local stream. This system would elimnate all drainage field issues. Does anyone know who I could contact to find any information about this company.

Still looking for the company that supplies the treatment plant for the sewer drainage treatment that will eleminate your need for drain fields, I saw it so I know it’s out there.


Would that be an aerobic system. I had one years ago that had a partitioned tank. The solids would settle in the first partition, the liquid spilled over a wall into the second partition and a motorized gizmo stirred and injected air into the liquid.

Finally the effluent from the second tank ran out into a smaller third tank. As it entered the third tank, it ran over “hockey puck” chlorine tablets in a basket at the end of the pipe. The output of that tank was supposed to be close to potable water and ran into a small leach field to evaporate. The whole thing required a much smaller “footprint” than a normal septic field.



No I don’t think so, if I remember it right the system was self contained in a large above ground tank that treated the liquids once they left the first septic tank. Once the liquids were treated the liquids could be released into a drainage ditch or small stream. All this was approved by the EPA. I’ve tried searching the web, I’ve called several people I thought might know but nobody so far can help. So I’ll keep trying

Thanks, Terry

I would be interested in this information also.