Allow me to introduce myself

Hello everyone! My name is Ben Siff and I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I have been interested in RE investment for years and now feel it is the time to take action. I am majoring in real estate (surprise huh?) and minoring in finance. I am a year away from graduating and have been thinking about what field I want to get involved with. Well now that I have stumbled upon this website I definitely know what I want to do! I am proud to say that I have never worked a day in my life for anyone else. At 15 I started my own lawn business and was making 16k a year in short order, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that manual labor was not the answer. I really want to attend MHM6 and most likely will. I just ordered Lonnies’ 2 books and there is a 480 space park right next to my house! Well that is enough for now, I am looking forward to getting involved with the industry and meeting everyone. Cheers -Ben Siff

Hi Ben,

Congratulations on getting started so early! I started out early on in life delivering newspapers and cutting lawns however I did not escape working for corporate america. Hopefully you can bypass this painful experience and create a lifetime of cashflow and equity with mobile homes and mobile home parks.

Lonnie’s Books are great! But what is even better than reading his books is to meet him in person! Lonnie has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met and one of the most giving with his time and knowledge.

You will want to reserve your hotel room ASAP for MHM6. We have already gone through our hotel room block and the hotel has been giving us a few rooms extra at the same price. However at any point they can say there are no additional rooms they can give us and then everybody will have to pay the regular rate (about $50 higher a night). I am surprised that the hotel has been helping us so far with additional rooms as usually they are trying to maximize their profits. We have to guarantee the amount of rooms about 3 months in advance and we based our number on last year’s room count. However this year we are setting all records!


Anyone have a floor available for me to sleep on?? help a poor college student get started…i might drive and sleep in my car…hotels are expensive!


I am a younger guy and have been doing deals for a bit over a year now. I am also bringing two close friends who have become interested in what Im doing. It would be a bit crowded with 4 but we could make it work!!

Give me a call Ben.

Cole Haynes