All I need to Know about mobile home renting

Hi Everyone I’m new here to this forum and I’m also new to the mobile home renting game. I have been wanting to rent a mobile home for my family and I for the longest now but was afraid of getting into it becasue I didn’t know what the procedures where to renting one. I am currently looking for a up to date mobile home that has TWO BEDROOMS and ONE OR EVEN TWO BATHROOMS. You see I am currently pregnant so my family is going to be growing very soon and the housing situation I’m in right now is not a safe envirnoment for my unborn son.

I don’t exactly have alot of income but I have enough to get the bills paid. I am young in age so i’m new to the renting game in general so this mobile home would be my first real rental. My Fiance and I are currently living in Milwaukee, WI with my mother and we need a place of our own but the apartments out here are in rediculous conditions and all the renters want an arm and a leg. so I thought a Mobile home would be the best option.

So now I am shopping around trying to find that perfect rental mobile home, yet I don’t understand the steps I would have to go through to rent one.

How do I pay rent? What is Lot Rent? What is Property Tax? and How would I go about setting up the utilites needed such as electric, gas, heat, and water?

Can anyone here help me understand how to rent a mobile home?