Alabama MHP with Same Person on Several Leases

MHP in AL where lots are rented and tenants provide trailers.

While some tenants have their own MH, we have been working closely with a person who is into buying and fixing up MHs. This person will put a MH on one of our lots and pay us lot rent while he rents out the MH.

The tenant(s) of one of these MHs owned by this person signs a lease with this person and with us as well to rent the lot. We also require this person (the owner of the MH) to also be on the lease to rent the lot. We have final say as to who can rent our lots and they must pass a background check.

When rent is paid for one of these lots with a MH owned by this person, the tenant(s) pays this person the MH rent plus lot rent in one payment and then the MH owner pays us the lot rent.

This has worked out well for us so far and this person has several lots occupied in our park with MHs he owns so he is on several of our leases.

Was curious if we are exposing ourselves in any way.

Does this person have any special legal rights or special legal protections if he has a large presence in our park?