Alabama: Lot inspection without prior notice

We have a park in Alabama where we all are TOH.

We inspect the lots frequently. We walk around the mobile home looking for trash in the yard, general upkeep, safety concerns, etc. and this is documented in our lease that lots will be inspected periodically. We recently had a tenant complain that we have to give them 2 days notice to inspect their lots citing Alabama property code section 35-9A-303. However, this appears to only apply to entering a dwelling and not inspecting the land.

Any others with TOH parks providing advance notice just to inspect their lots in AL or any other states?

Tenants are leasing land from you to keep their home there. You own the land, you should be able to inspect your land whenever you want or need to- you’re looking for violations, etc… The tenant is likely wrong here, double check your local laws but I believe tenant is wrong.

If tenant doesn’t like it, they’re more than welcome to buy private land and move their home onto it- and pay taxes on land, pay for maintenance, repairs and upkeep to the land, and deal with violations directly with the city in regards to their own land.

If you don’t enforce the rules on your own land, the local government will.

For tenants that pretend they are attorneys- those are the ones you don’t want living on your land- they’re more likely to sue you or complain to the city…best to non-renew their lease or just keep a close eye on those ones. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck.

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I had a cranky old meter maid claim the same thing with zero legal basis. I ignored her and kept inspecting lots at will.