ALabama and FEMA

If you have any luck in AL let me know. I know in Louisiana, every local government has been putting up road block upon road block to prevent homes being placed in some cities/parishes. Some parks have fema homes already set up, but most sit unoccupied. So there sits hundred if not thousands of Fema MH and trailers empty.

I’ve had local elected gov officials flat out refuse to talk to me, because I don’t live in their district. It would be interesting to see if instead of us as individual Park owners banded together and had a lawyer put together a letter on all of the park owners behalf if that would get anyone’s attention.

All I want to do is fill my parks.

Learning on the Job.


It seems like FEMA has no rhyme or reason. I know of a MH park in Louisiana that FEMA is paying 75 lot rents but has not moved in a single home. Go figure!


FEMA update…

So FEMA finally started filling up some of the home in LA. All the occupants over 17 have to have a back ground check (Just for our Parish)… Which is good… Bad is the MHP have to pay for them ($25 each).

That’s good though, I don’t want any felons in my park anyways. So FEMA says I’m on the list and as soon as they fill the empty homes and the lots already under contract that I’ll be contacted. Of course I’m not planning my next meal around that.

I agree that they will not give MHP first choice on the homes… They would rather pay extra money to move them away, refurbish them then sell them at a bigger loss.

In the mean time, I’m just waiting for the FEMA contract folks to contact me. Would love to collect rent on empty dirt!!!