Air Conditioning Question - drain tube drains water under my home

i just had central AC installed in our 20 year old MH. the contractor put a pvc drain tube thru the floor near the coil which is fine, but i am wondering if the small puddle (5" in circumference) of drain water i see on the ground under the home could become stagnant and become a mold issue?? our soil is very sandy fortunately, but with all of the skirting blocking off airflow, i figured i better ask.

thanks for any input! :grin: also, if this isn’t the right place to ask this, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction??

It is standard practice to have these in a space that is not enclosed so as to ensure mold does not become an issue. I would just extend the tube under the skirting or re-route it worst case. 6 to 12 inches outside the skirting should be fine unless there are state or muni guidelines more strict.

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