Agency loans, Lattice skirting, other rules

Does anyone know if agency loans do not allow homes with lattice skirting?
I know they don’t allow the trailer hitch to be visible. Must be removed or skirted.
Any other rules that are good to know? Looking to get an agency loan around November and want to prepare the park for it.

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Don’t think the skirting is a stip. I don’t own anything down south though so can’t really opine. Woudn’t also stress about the hitches unless they’re park owned. Even then you can say it should be grandfathered in.

I refinanced into an agency loan 2 years ago. I can’t answer your lattice skirting question but I was required to remove trailer hitches or skirt them. I didn’t have to do it before the loan closed. The lender held back some of my equity payout until I completed the fix(es). Other fixes included repaving the road (that hurt $$), fix a few leaning porch light poles and remove an abandoned home (had I not told the lender’s inspector that the home was abandoned he would not have know it was). Having a few items to fix probably won’t prevent you from getting the loan but being proactive is always a good idea.