Affordable Housing Summit -- discussion

I was unable to catch the first half of the Affordable Housing Summit virtual conference but I really thought the second half was super. I look forward to the recordings.

Frank, et al. – you did a great job, with the technology and the selection of topics and the discussions. Hats off to everyone, not just Frank.

I know there was mention of being able to continue the discussions somehow; I’d be happy to continue the discussions here but I gotta run just this minute. Maybe some “me too” lurkers will respond to this thread?

Brandon@Sandell (not Brandon Reynolds, but kudos to him too).

I wasn’t able to catch any of it due to other plans. When should we expect the recordings to be sent out?

Brandon said the recordings would be out by this Friday the 31st.

Great information - took 17 pages of notes - what a great day. Thanks to all involved.

Hi All,

Jefferson is correct, we will have the recordings out by this Friday. The special bonus session with Dave evaluating a park will be sent sometime next week. I’m very glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to email me direct with any questions. My direct email is


Brandon Reynolds




(855) 879-2738