Affordable flooring


New guy here! I just got indoctrinated to the wonderful world of mobile home investing by Jim Brenn! Of course, I have read the sage advice of Lonnie Scruggs cover to cover til the book(s) are dog-eared.

I am in my first project, and need some advice on what should be my first Lonnie deal.

This home needs all new floor covering, and I am looking for advice on the best/cheapest alternatives. I come from single family homes, and my usual carpet connection has quoted a price which will not work for the cost basis of this project. What are some workable options?

Thanks in advance,



Remnants are absolutely the best way to go! Check out the stores on 192 -that is where we have found bargains in the past. Absolutely do NOT put high quality carpet in that home! You can sometimes find good deals at Lowe’s or Home Depot too. Also - check out the REstore, which is very close to the park you are working in. They often have GREAT bargains! (If you have not been there, it is on John Rodes Blvd. across Eau Gallie from where the park is. Ask almost anybody in the BIG group - they can give you specific directions.)

We have our spot reserved on the December cruise. Hope to see you there!