Aesthetic suggestions

We are getting set to close on another park and my partner and I are looking for a few suggestions on beatification. The picture below shows what we are working with. The seller installed pvc pipes in the ground to prevent tenants from parking on the grass or running off the road. It’s had the effect of saving his roads from added repairs and saved the lawns from looking trashy. Anyways, we would like to keep this feature, but we want to make it look a little better. I think this forum is the best place for idea generation so we’d like to get some thoughts.

Our plan is simply to fill them with concrete and paint them. Not terribly creative, but cheap.

Can you sleever white vinyl fence posts over the top of them? I see that as an opportunity to intall 2-rail white vinyl fencing that would look great and actually increase the value of your park. Imagine that photo with two rail white vinyl between each post? It would be a really striking entry.

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Appreciate the advice Frank. We are going to do the front in white, 3-rail vinyl with a nice sign. We’ve decided to paint these posts for the time being until we get the thing turned around. Our manager suggested white vinyl corner pieces the other day (pictured below) for the future. I kinda like them and they are within our budget. What are your thoughts?

Those corner pieces are awsome, and I’m a big fan of them. Look at the “before” photo and you can visualize the “after” photo and it’s 1000% nicer. That one item alone will boost your appraisal by about a half a point of cap rate.

I like them. Where did you find them? I have some area where they’d be perfect.

I haven’t shopped the pricing around so this is literally the first place I found that had them when I did an online image search: