I just bought a doublewide REO on 1 acre. It was setup in front of a hill so it was always wet under the home. We will need to regrade the lot & add a permanent foundation. There are stains along the base of living room walls. I was hoping they were just moisture from below but we removed the skirting & the ground is dry now but the stains are still there. There is no odor but I suspect they are dog urine.

The wall is that wall paper type paneling they use in mobile homes. So I can’t just cut out pieces & put in more drywall. The home is a 1999 so I would probably have a tough time matching it. Anyone have any ideas??




If I understand correctly your talking about wall board. It is sold at all Mobile home supply stores and is a bit thinner than drywall and comes with a wallpaper look on the front. We patch and paint entire house one color.

If there are only stains on the wall board and its not soft or covered in mold we just paint over urine stains and other stains with Kilz. It works great.

Hope that helps.