Advice needed for creating a Manager (or Greeter) Contract


I always enjoy this site and learn so much every time I check in.

Need help.

I have had a nice small MHP in Virginia for 5+ years and have had a onsite manager there for the last 3 years. He does a really good job overall - few things I could complain about - but for the work he does and peace of mind he provides me - I can live with a lot of little missteps ( like taking too long btw weed eating, or little bit of too much trash in the ditche occasionally, etc…)

He collects and deposits all rents, mows, trims, deals with showing homes, deals with pipe leaks at midnight if needed, fixes most anything without expecting addtl money (we have a Lowe’s Hme Improvement account open under the MHP’s name and all materials are tracked closely).

In return, he gets free lot rent and free use of the large, really nice 2004 doublewide by a pond. He works very part time and is basically retired outside of the MHP.

He pays his own power and gas,e tc…

He recently got married for the 3rd time ( he’s 60+) and she’s moved in 6 months ago and they both tag team as a mgmt team.

Never had anything in writing. I want to put something in writing ASAP. Does anyone have an example of a contract they have used? I read elsewhere that I should get Workers Comp. and I will look info that for sure.

Should I have both sign something listing them as “Greeters” or as Indp Cntractors, or what?


It’s gone well for 3 years. Really a big win for me in terms of losing the $850/mth Ion doublewide rent versus all he does for me. I just need to tighten this up and don’t know her well at all.

Can someone send or upload some contract examples.??

Thanks so much