I attended a local rental property association meeting last week and one of the presentations dealt with advertising, specifically internet advertising. This area’s (south central Missouri) largest property management company reported that the majority of apartments rented to college students are now done so online…I mean the tennant never once looks at the apartment in person. Use of video, pictures, floorplans, maps, with all neccessary documents & payment being handled online.

Later in the presentation it was reported by a recent college grad - early 20’s that google search is THE most used method of searching for housing, and that local papers are avoided by the age group mentioned. I use a website and it has been helpful…how do I get a prominent placement on Google?

Just call them and you can pay to advertise and you will come up when the search words you specifiy are used. The more you choose the higher the cost of course. You can also pay a web designer to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your site. They know what Google etc look for when posting your website on the first page when returning a search. That will turn into an ongoing cost though since the people you are bumping down are doing the same thing you are doing and are constantly trying to out do each other. Hope that helps.