Advertising that didn't work

In my never-ending quest to attract prospective residents, I followed the advice from a person (known to many but shall not be named) who used to own several large parks. His idea was to tell the world how inexpensive parks are because many people don’t know. Sounded reasonable although there was a slight nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I re-used a 4’ X 10’ aluminum sign and put it vertically. It says LIVE HERE $225/MONTH. Can’t miss it no matter how fast you are driving.

What a disaster! I should have listened to that little voice in my head. I’m getting lots of drive-throughs and calls but all from people for whom making a coherent 3 word sentence is problematic. Instead of attracting people who have choices, I’m getting calls from people whose only consideration is cost. Nothing else matters to them. We’re talking below the bottom of the barrel here and precisely the type of people I’ve become so adept at evicting.

Now, if your main competitive advantage is low cost, this may be a useful technique. As for me, I’m leaving the sign up for now as it took a ton of work to install it but I’m trying to figure out a new message that will fit on a vertical 4’ X 10’ billboard.


Wheat Hill