Advertising homes for sale/rent on facebook

Hey yall, I’m not sure if any of you are doing this yet, but its working great for me. Facebook is yeilding 10x’s more calls than craigslist and news paper adds. If you have a facebook account, do a search for a “yard sale” “garage sale” or “buy sell trade” type group in your area. Type in your city name, and see what might come up. Join these groups, and post your adds on there. Unfortunately you can only join these groups from a “personal” facebook page, business pages cannot join groups, so you might pass this information on to your manager. It would be worth the time to set up an account!

Thank you for sharing!

Where is your park located? What is the average age/demographic of people that are responding off FaceBook? And are they converting to being tenants, or are they just creating call volume, and not converting to being a customer?



The park is in Georgia, Jefferson. The Facebook adds have been attracting low income working class 20-40 years of age, and some pass the information on to their older parents on SSI. They are converting to tenants. I’m getting a lot of calls, and FB messages, but its worth it. October was my first month trying it out, and I filled all 3 of my vacant homes in 2 weeks. My craiglist add was yeilding about 1-2 calls per week, and postlets were about the same.


OK, with my usual lightning speed, 4 months later now I have set up Facebook pages for my properties.

My question to you is: Do you pay Facebook to promote your MHP’s page? If so, what is the lift (incremental call volume or sales) from paying FB to promote your site?

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Initially I started with a business type FB page, as you’ve done Jefferson. I never tried doing the pay adds because I’m cheap! I also found that I couldn’t join these “(insert towns name here) buy sell trade page” with a business page. In my area I’ve found multiple buy sell trade type pages, each with about 5,000 plus followers. Anyways, so what I did then was create a “personal” FB page called Georgia Homes. Personal pages must sound like an actual persons name or FB will not accept it. This personal page enabled me to join all the yardsale type pages I wanted. So try setting up a personal page named “The state your park is in Homes”, and this will give you the flexability to join sell type groups in different cities if you have multiple parks in that state. Start posting your adds about 9-9:30am onto the buy sell trade pages…this time of the day seems to work best for me. Soon enough you’ll accumulate hundreds of “friends” from the local area. Put in your adds, and as status updates that you give $100(or whatever you want) referal fees and all of the sudden you have hundres, if not thousands of salesmen in the local area.

I hope this helps, and if not I’d be happy to explain it over the phone!

Your mileage may vary!