Advertising a sale

Hello all,

I run a MH park in Texas that I need to sell. This is a tough market. I have not made a significant effort yet, other than putting together a flyer and preparing financials for interested parties to review. I am interested in how/where I should advertise this sale. I know I am probably being insulting since that is the main purpose of this site itself, and of course I intend to advertise on this site. I just want to be as efficient as possible in my efforts so that I can maximize the exposure. Here are my ideas:

  1. Mobile Home park store . com - the Parks for Sale section

  2. Mobile Home park store . com - sending a form to all the interested investors listed on the site

  3. Call local MH dealers in the area (Houston) to see if they know anyone or can help spread the word (offer some sort of kickback???)

  4. Newspaper advertising - for those old-schoolers who may not be on the internet

Any other thoughts? I think I have pricing and all that under control.