Ads for Handyman tenants

I’m looking for a tenant/resident thats willing to do some work in place of rent. Has anyone ever advertised for this and if so what suggestions would you have for wording the ad? Thanks in advance.

Try running an ad like this in the local penny saver (thrift nickle or whatever name your cheap classified paper is called).

I call this ad the Chris Reuman ad and ads like it have proven to be a great asset for us.

“Help Wanted: Handyman to work on mobile homes. Prefer retired person. Must have own tools and truck.”

The retired folks we hire tend to be more punctual, provide better quality work and are financially stable. They work not because they have to (in most cases) but because they like to.

We also find that if they are going to be living on the property they will need some other source of income that does not take away too much time from the property. Many of these folks have some kind of retirement or similar income.