Administrative fees

I’m thinking of adding an administrative fee on top of eviction filing fees to compensate for my time in filing eviction paperwork. What normally seems to happen about once every 6 months is that a resident will not pay until the Sheriff serves the notice along with the court date. The resident will pay rent, late fee, filing fee, and Sheriff fee. The one who does the majority of the work on this always seems to be me which is why I think that a $70 admin fee is justifiable. The eviction filing fee is only $45 along with a $22 fee for the Sheriff to serve them. Is anyone else doing this?

Make sure that is legal. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, and there may be a legal reason. I know you can also charge legal fees if you use a lawyer, but that may be all that you can add. Better safe than sorry – research it first.

we added a second late fee that goes along with serving papers etc… so the first late fee kicks in at the 6th day, and the second hits around the 20th. We call it a late fee, and it covers all of the additional junk that goes along with someone being ‘that late’.