Adding tiny homes to a park

I have a park that’s maybe a 2 star park on a good day - fairly high density, right by the freeway, some newer homes but also some older homes that aren’t in great shape. The park is in a good market.

We’ve been approached by some people looking to buy tiny homes and put them in our park.

I don’t think the local municipality would care much, they’ve basically forgotten about us and pay very little attention.

Does anyone see any drawbacks to mixing in tiny homes in a park? If it was a really nice park intermixing use like that would seem to have cosmetic disadvantages, but in a lower end park the risk seems minimal. Who knows, it could even bring up the quality of the park by bringing in some new construction, cute, trendy homes.


“We’ve been approached by some people looking to buy tiny homes and put them in our park.”

I take it when you say tiny homes you are referring to custom RVs that are featured on HGTV. Averaging 100-300 sqft.

If so they wouldn’t be treated and different and any fifth wheel, RV, or camper.

Now in our park we have three one bedroom “Tiny homes” that are about 400 sqft and are HUD park model homes.

My point being you need to determine the class of home and treat it accordingly. Custom build park models units can run into issues with inspector when gas and electricity hook ups are being made because determine to the inspector satisfaction that HUD guidelines have been met can be impossible.

If they fall under RV the utilities (electric) might have to be in the parks name. Our park does not have any RV spots so I will have to defer to a person with experience with them

Attached is a picture of our factory built park model tiny home when it arrived. Having HUD documentation (stickers) made everything easy.



I will avoid the legal issues that Black3142 addressed and assume it is legal to install these homes in your park.

Given that, If I had a low star park and people wanted to bring tiny homes, which are “cool” compared to mobile homes, I would jump at the opportunity. You invest nothing (or little), get a tenant, and now your park is more “cool” perhaps bumping it to a 2-star even on a rainy day with sofas in the front lot. Others may follow suit, and when you bring newer more traditional manufactured homes, buyers of those will feel the place is more hip and modern.

Back to the legal, please make sure they are legally habitable first, otherwise, you moved in a bunch of homes that have to be moved right back out.

If the local inspector approves, then presumably it’s going to be ok because where is the problem? They would be installed in the same manner as any prefab or modular according to the local current code. And if the local authority considers that consistent with your zoning, I would see no problem with it except when it comes time to sell, but they could always be removed…