Adapt or Die

Adapt or die is the timeless, universal principle which enabled our distant ancestors to leave the branches of the trees, to walk upright, to mate occasionally with a Neanderthaler (who did not adapt), and the rest is part of history. (On CRE)We are reminded by Steve (Dr. B.) of the necessity of this concept for those of us who plan to survive and perhaps to prosper during these challenging times. It was hardly three years ago that it had become obvious that we would be facing socio-economic upheavals not personally experienced previously. As recently as two years ago, relevant posts addressed observations of unprecedented manifestations threatening our future well-being. A post by Sott St.Aubin summarized the situation and the need to re-evaluate our goals (Dec.4/08). Some people, including Tony and Scott, have modified their business model as well as their private lives in preparation for minimally an uncertain, if not maximally an ominous, future. Doom and gloom? Hardly! Required is simply an adaptation to assure successful survival and hopefully to flourish in spite of possible world-wide catastrophes. What will challenge our adaptive ability during the next two or three years? It is hardly debatable that we will not be confronted with serious major socio-economic changes which will force us to choose: to adapt or to die.