Acquisitions Database

MHP moguls,

Do any of you use Podio or another similar database to systematize contacts with park owners, brokers, etc?

For those of you who use Podio/Pipedrive, what are some tips and tricks you have to share? :slight_smile:

We are looking to use a system that will help us manage direct mail, cold calling, mapping, and acquisition activity.

We’ve looked at CRM’s but are considering something more advanced / flexible such as Podio.

For those of you who aren’t systemizing their cold call interactions, managing deal flow, and tracking communication— would you be interested in doing this to streamline your business?

Or do you stick with spreadsheets/excel?

Thanks for all the feedback.

Jenny Jacobus


We started and up until very recently, used excel to manage this. We are now moving into using SalesForce to manage our Acquisitions process.


Brandon, How’s it going with Salesforce? What are you mostly prospecting for; parks to buy? or customers for MHU?

We use it on the prospecting side only. For our MHU customers, we use Infusionsoft.

I personally am not using the SalesForce but our whole acquisitions team loves having it.