ACH Payment through Rent Manager

Currently using Rent Manager to manage all resident payments. Many residents use the RM web access to link their credit card or bank account. The issue is that some residents want an automated payment, but they do not have an email (or a computer/smart phone for that matter). Some requested that I take their bank info and ACH them directly. Anyone currently doing this through rent manager/zego? One of the Cons seems to be the extra layer of security that might be needed to handle the sensitive info appropriately. Thanks


My opinion is that the security is not the issue. You are now taking this upon yourself as a task to process payments each month. Do you really want to do that versus having the tenants do it? I would offer additional payment options that are more automatic including Paylease lockbox, where the tenants mail to a 3rd party processor or Paylease CashPay, where tenants can pay cash at retail stores. These options are better for the tenant because paying by credit card is very expensive.

I use rent manager and with paylease (i think its called zego now)
They have an ACH option. It is under “receivables” then “recurring ePay”
About 1/3 of my tenants pay on the 5th via ACH. I only run it once a month on the 5th.

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