Accounting Software Suggestions

What are you using for accounting software? We have been using QuickBooks Pro but are still on the 2013 Version. We own 7 small parks and own most of the mobile homes in them. We like to be able to track expenses for each unit. Excel is not great for that and QuickBooks online limits the number of classes we can use. Anyone using Park Side Kick? I have trialed it several years ago and really liked it, but can’t seem to find if they are still in business.

Rent Manager is the best. I’ve been using it for more than 8 years. They have feature for job code to track expenses for each unit. I’ve helping clients to track the historical expenses. It does play a big role when it comes to renovation or unit in-turn especially when the park owners need to bill back tenants for any things that they break or need to fix. If you need help to setup or look for outsourcing the accounting functions, I would love to connect.

E.I.K Consulting Services

Thank you, I have looked into Rent Manger before I will look at it again.