Accepting PayPal or Vemo for monthly rents

Has anyone had experience using PayPal or Vemo to collect monthly rents. One resident asked me today if I would accept PayPal. A lot of my residents pay by money order which must be a pain. Some money orders will not process through my bank check scanner so that is also a pain for me.

There are some free services out there if you only have a few tenants. Cozy is one i used before switching to Buildium (which has a great integration with Pay Near Me for folks who pay cash/money order). Some people just give deposit slips and have tenants deposit directly too.

I have a number of tenants that pay with Venmo, ApplePay and/or Paypal. It works fine for me. I have had chronically late payers suddenly become model rent payers because of the ease of it. They don’t look forward to writing a check, mailing it or stopping by the bank to deposit the money but can quickly initiate a rent payment using one of the payment systems. Probably no surprise that it is primarily from younger tenants who are a little more tech savvy.

If somebody has a downside to accepting rent this way, please share it. Works well for me.

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If you accept Venmo, make sure you sign up for Venmo for business. If Venmo determines you’ve been doing business transactions and collecting rent payments, they will ban you from the platform. I’ve seen a few landlords get banned. The algorithms are set to determine if something is a consistent rent payment.

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I just accepted a PayPal rent and they charged me $10.13 fee. I looked into Venmo and they are beginning to charge 1.9% after April 1, 2021. I hate to lose money just to make it easier for the tenants to pay. Is there a free service?

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I have accepted CashApp with no fees.

You can do business Venmo. It works fine if you pass the fee onto the tenant. All my tenants were used to paying a fee anyways to get a money order. Now they still pay the fee but don’t have to take time out of their day to go get a money order. To someone who works 2 jobs to makes ends meet any extra time out of their day not standing in line is worth it to them…so I’m told.

Hi @Joe_in_OH,

I did offer the ability for tenants to use PayPal for longer than I should and I did absorb the fees which are excessive. I then started using PayLease (now called Zego) that allows users to set-up their own profile and pay how ever they want. If they do ACH it costs me $1/transaction. If they pay using a credit card they pay all the fees, they can also be issued a CashPay number that allows them to go o and Walmart, Ace, Kmart to pay with cash and it costs them $4.00 to make the Cash Payment.

Once I started offering PayLease, anyone that did not make the switch from PayPal to PayLease was charged the PayPal fees. I still have one stubborn tenant to this day that continues using Paypal and it costs him $25/month in PayPal fees. Since I now offer Free if they use ACH through PayLease/Zego, credit card and CashPay, I also charge anyone sending me payments by mail (checks, cashiers checks, money orders etc.), a $10 check processing fee. I have one Hispanic property that uses CashPay 100%. I have other properties that use a mix of Zego and CashPay, AND I still have three (3) remaining tenants paying by mail and paying the extra $10 processing fee.

If you want to learn more about Zego here is the link:

Good Luck…

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I second this @PFM Paylease/Zego is a great way of collecting especially when paired with Rent Manager. The one place I’ve found issues arise is when one tenant goes and pays for 3 neighbors and accidentally mixes up the payment amounts. Other than that it has very little issues.

@K.Hodges…AGREED! We corrected that issue by adding the CashPay number to the monthly statement so the amount paid is connected to the CashPay number. We are in the process of adding a QR Code to the monthly statement that will allow the resident go directly to TWA.

Is the QR something Paylease is offering? I’ll have to check that out.

I have tenants pay at the bank (deposit money into my checking account), pay online, and/or pay me PayPal.

Works great for me. I give them options.

Not at PayLease/Zego. I use a free QR Code generate (uploaded image attached), and add that image to the monthly in Rent Manager.