Accepting payment

This may seem like a mundane question to some of you veterans in the MHP business. What are different ways to accept payment from tenants? We have recently hired a new manager who claims to have some difficulty with accepting cash as payment, as well as writing reciepts for payments at all. It is my feeling that not accepting cash as payment has led to increased difficulty in getting payment at all. And we need to be able to give reciepts, right?

We are out of state owners, and our new manager means well, but sometimes I wonder how much to trust his words.

Any info offered would be greatly appreciated.


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Kali is absolutely correct! At all of our properties we only accept money order, cashier checks, and personal checks. Once a resident bounces a check they only have the first two options available.

We have bought several properties where the previous owner accepted cash. It was an adjustment for the residents but there was very little resistance (if any).


Do you guys trust your managers to personally deposit the cashiers checks at the bank?


All of our manager accept cashier’s check, money order, and personal check addressed to the park ONLY. We have a pretty tight leash on our managers so we have not had any issues thus far.