Okay - we went through the eviction process where we took the deadbeat tenant to court and won the case. The judge gave the tenant 60 days to move. The tenant did nothing. We then paid the $200 fee for the 'Writ of Possession" and the Sheriff came and posted the notice on the trailer. Next day the tenant moved his stuff onto the neighbor’s lot and moved in with him. So now the trailer is still sitting on the recovered lot and the tenant is still in the park. The Sheriff says the tenant has the right to be a ‘guest’ of the neighbor and I have to remove the evicted trailer on my dime to an off site storage facility as the tenant does not have the funds to remove the trailer himself. I am in no hurry to recover the pad - I have others available for new move-ins. So do I consider this an abandoned trailer at some point? There does not seem to be an end to the expenses when evicting someone that has the sympathy of the court and law officials.