Abandoned trailers, no title surrendered

Has anyone discovered a way to dispose of mobile homes abandoned by owners who do not sign over or surrender the title to the park, beside paying for legal eviction through the courts?

Demolition companies are requesting titles before they tear down.

Additional problem is even if owner who abandoned trailer could be located, most of them owed back property taxes which must be at zero in order for title to transfer.

These are tear downs, too far gone to rehab. Owner of park doesn’t see the sense of paying for eviction, plus paying for demolition.

I have found that homes that are old and abandoned can mysteriously disappear. A handyman without a demolition permit can help expedite the disappearance process. When the taxing authorities start looking, you have a vacant lot.

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Tear them down anyway - handyman will do it for a few hundred bucks or no money if they can scrap the metal as payment. Burn them if you want.

Thanks for the input. Fire department is right next door, said no burning as trailers are too close to each other and we have no hydrants in the park. Leaning toward handyman at this point.