Abandoned trailer 1970

I purchased my park with an abandoned 1970’s trailer that was never registered in State and not able to locate the owner. Can’t find the owner, so can’t take them to court for ownership, so trying to figure out next best strategy.
Between back rent, taxes, etc they owe $7400. If the owner ever came back, they would have to pay the balance. They can’t move it out, since it predates moving.
I was contemplating renovating it for 5k and then renting it out for $600 month. Seems like little risk that previous tenant would come back. Thoughts?

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Trailer renovating could be a potential solution if it’s legal to do so in your area. But I don’t if it’s legal or not.

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Renovate it!
(Worth the time, effort and money)

thanks, I’ve decided to do that

You can contact the department of motor vehicle and they will explain how to change the title into your name.

Depending on your state, obtain the abandoned title. Make it nice and resell it.