Abandoned RV in Texas

I have an abandoned RV for the past 3 months in my park in Texas.  VIN number can not be located.  Any ideas on the process to take ownership of the RV if there is no VIN?  I am familiar with the home process but since its an RV it is through the DMV.   I have several inquiries from residents interested in buying the RV so I would rather not have it towed out if possible.  Thank you in advance. 

You will probably need a lawyer if you want to do this 100% correctly. I would not try to guess at the required procedure for an RV in your state. My biggest concern is that it may qualify for treatment like a car, where it has to be towed and impounded at a secured, licensed tow facility. Mobile homes are “personal property”, but cars fall under a separate rule on abandonment, and RVs may be defined as  “car” under your state statute.