Abandoned mobile homes

I own a mobile home park in florida & evict people for nonpayment of rent. The resident in some cases trashes the mobile and of course vacates the mobile and refuses to sign over the title because after all it’s my fault the rent was not paid. I file for abandonment, the mobile is worth $500.00 or less, get mobile titled in my name. I always have to spend thousands to repair mobile and sell for less than the cost of improvements. I do this because Iam interested in getting lot rent verses return on investment. I never profit from a sale of a mobile. A previous vindictive tenant has been searching me and my business for months. She contacted the sherrif’s office and told them Iam selling used mobiles and not licensed. Question is, do I need to be licensed to sell mobiles if titled to me. Or is there a limit as to how many mobiles I can sell in a year and not be licensed. Sheriff has threatened me that I will go to jail. I forgot to mention I own the land and residents own their mobiles. Thank you in advance for your input.

Most states have laws on disposing of abandoned property. Follow the regs and you are fine. Sherrif probably doesn’t know the law. If you are really worried, have an attorney handle the paperwork. At $500 or so, you can say it is being sold as scrap, not a liveable home. If the buyer wants to fix it or keep critters in it, that is the buyer’s action. Can also talk with your state association.

So you need to check with your state. Some states require a dealers licence if you sell non personal mobile homes. In most places- like Colorado- you just pay a fee, fill out the paperwork, get a bond and your done. Some have classes. None of it is brain surgery.

You do need to get the title work clear- which in most states is pretty easy as well.

There are two separate issues here: 1) Abandoned home process, 2) Dealer licensing. Most states have a manufactured housing association. They are a good starting point for both of these questions. Some states have a minimum number of sales, beyond which you are consdered a dealer (for example in Ohio if you do more than 5 sales per year you need to be licensed). There is also the SAFE Act to consider if you are offering financing.