Abandoned mobile home in North Carolina

Got an abandoned mobile home on one of our lots in North Carolina. The owner of the mobile home died. No one is living in it. How do we go about getting the title on it in North Carolina?

I have 2 I’d like to take care of as well

Do a search under"titles for abandoned homes in nc" You will find a old thread from 2019

I’m in Fayetteville, goto the dmv and give them the vin number. They can search right then and tell you who owns it, and probably some contact info as well. If the person on the title is in fact deceased. Go down and file an affidavit of abandonment, since you know the person is deceased you can handle it one of 2ways- serve it by posting in local newspaper, or send it to the last known address. Wait 30 days. If no one comes forth. Complete paperwork for lost title goto dmv pay taxes and move on BUT I can almost guarantee there is a lien on it OR the county owns it for back taxes.

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I’m in Raleigh area and the DMV would not provide the owners name while in the office last month. They will give you a form Request for Motor Vehicle Information that you will fill out with VIN number and your info. You then write a check for $13.
Try searching DMV for MVR-605A